The Ajinomoto Group’s representative technologies

Health and Well-being

A. Designing Designing

1: Deliciousness evaluation 2: Deliciousness analysis
3: Deliciousness formulation 4: Deliciousness production

B. Designing Nutritional Value

5: Nutritional design 6: Applying nutritional functional materials

C. Clarifying the Benefits to Living Beings

7: Evaluation of taste receptor activity 8: Analysis of intestinal flora
9: Physiological analysis of plant growth and development 10: Evaluation of digestion and absorption
11: Skin evaluation 12: Evaluation of functional health materials

D. Evaluating Health and Nutritional Status

13: Analysis of nutritional status 14: Aminolndex® ~Risk assessment of various diseases~

Living with Society and the Earth

E. Developing Novel Enzymes

15: Enzyme screening and modification 16: Developing enzyme reaction processes

F. Searching for Fermentation Bacteria and Increasing Their Functionality

17: Designing fermentation bacteria 18: Creating high-performance bacteria for fermentation

G. Developing Fermentation Processes

19: Fermentation/cultivation 20: Designing fermentation facility

H. Purification for Product Quality

21: Purification and crystallization

Comfortable Lifestyle

I. Creating Substances with Unique Functions

22: Discovery of taste materials 23: Personal care ingredients development
24: Surface control and dispersion

J. Synthesizing Molecules Efficiently

25: Molecular synthesis 26: Precise synthesis
27: Manufacturing by special facilities

K. Making Biopolymers

28: Protein manufacturing 29: Peptide/oligonucleotide synthesis

L. Processing Powders to Control Their Properties

30: Enteric products for animal feeds 31: Granulation of powder mixtures

M. Increasing Functionality of Cells

32: Designing culture medium composition 33: Culture medium manufacturing
34: Evaluation of iPS cell culture

N. Creating New Functional Materials

35: Cosmetics formulation 36: Designing combined resin products
37: Selective adsorption of substances

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