Research Institute for Bioscience Products & Fine Chemicals Research Institute for Bioscience
Products & Fine Chemicals

Our Mission

TWe contribute to the well-being of all human beings, our society, and our planet with "AminoScience" by pursuing cutting-edge bio and fine chemical technology, and by envisioning the future, bringing about innovation, and creating businesses in the four growth areas.

Our Organization

Material & Technology Solutions Labs.
Material Development Section

Combining bio and chemical synthesis technologies, this section conducts R&D on new high-performance materials in the fields of medicine, health, animal feed, personal care ingredients, and electronic materials. It also carries out research related to their production technology, and provides technical services to customers.

Material & Technology Solutions Labs.
Material Industrialization Section

This section handles technological development using a wide range of production technologies such as bio, synthesis, isolation and purification, and powder processing technologies. This includes developing the industrialization process for a variety of new materials, scaling up, and proposing streamlining or stable production technologies.

Biosolutions Labs.
Biosolutions Development Section

This section develops technology for manufacturing products with biotechnology related to high-performance food ingredients, chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, and regenerative medicine.

Biosolutions Labs.
Biosolutions Industrialization Section

This section develops processes that encompass everything from basic research to industrialization related to fermented ingredients, and also develops technology for related equipment.

Evaluation & Analysis Section

This section carries out basic and applied research related to quality and performance evaluation, effectiveness and safety evaluation, and data science to drive product development in the fields of bio, fine chemicals and food.

Value Creation Group

This group builds hypotheses on new value based on our vision of the future of human beings, society, and the planet, and launches and drives projects for co-creating innovation with our external partners.

Cutting-edge Bio and Fine Chemical Technologies that
underlay Business

Deliciousness Technology

Utilizing the functions and properties of amino acids and other substances, this technology contributes to the development of new personal care ingredients that are friendly on the skin and the environment and cutting-edge electronic materials that underlay IT .

Technologies for Material Formulation

Designing material composition to maximize the functions and properties of amino acids has led to achievements including the development of safe and high-performance cell culture media—an essential part of next-generation medicine—and elution control lysine formulation for dairy cows.

Technologies for Biopolymer Manufacturing

We develop proprietary biopolymer production technology that combines our strengths, that of fermentation and synthesis technologies (e.g., peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides, RNA, and antibody-drug conjugates). We handle manufacturing and sales and provide contract services.

Technologies for Microbial Design

We analyze the metabolism of microorganisms used in the fermentative production of amino acid, nucleic acid, and other substances with cutting-edge technology, and quickly design microorganisms that can convert natural ingredients to products with high efficiency.

Technologies for Nutritional and Metabolic Analysis

Using the concentration profile of amino acids in the blood as an indicator, we have developed a way to assess health by analyzing nutrients and metabolism and a method to improve it. We contribute to extending healthy life expectancy by providing opportunities to pursue healthier well-being through the early detection and prevention of risks such as cancer, lifestyle-related diseases, and dementia.

Technologies for Quality and Safety Evaluation

In order to develop products with high added value that are safe, reliable, and high-quality, and deliver them to our customers, we improve upon and utilize cutting-edge bio and fine chemical technology, analytical technology, and safety evaluation technology.


Company Name

Research Institute for Bioscience Products & Fine Chemicals

Head Office

1-1 Suzuki-cho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
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