Group Shared Policy on Human Resources

Ajinomoto Group
Established on : March 1, 2018
Revised on : April 1, 2024

The Ajinomoto Group recognize that our employees are its most important resource.

The future of the Ajinomoto Group is created by its employees. We believe that the growth of our employees leads to the growth of the company and our contributions to society.

In order to synchronize the growth of the company and employees, the Ajinomoto Group companies will create a work environment that enhance well-being, and employees strive to achieve autonomous growth.

1. Policy Concept

  • This policy represents the overall guidelines for human resource management of the Ajinomoto Group companies.

  • This policy shall be implemented in compliance with local and international laws and regulations, common sense, and high moral sense and ethical standards of employees, and should be respected under all circumstances.

  • Line managers ensure that employees are provided with opportunities to develop and exercise their capabilities by respecting their diversity, personality and characteristics.

2. Recruitment

  • We are committed to accepting and developing human resources from different countries and regions who can ensure the sustainable growth of the Ajinomoto Group.

  • We are seeking employees that can demonstrate originality, adopt a global perspective, and work with new ideas, and who can share the joy of working with Ajinomoto Group members.

  • Only capability to act in accordance with the “Ajinomoto Group Way” and possession of required skills and experience will be considered in employing a person, and no discrimination will be made on a candidate’s race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, belief, origin, sex, age, disability, LGBT identity, etc.

3. Working conditions

  • We are committed to providing our employees with good working conditions, securing a safe and comfortable work environment, and supporting creation of a workplace environment that can maintain and enhance the mental and physical health of our employees, making it easy for diverse employees to work together.

  • By encouraging open communication, we aim to build a workplace based on mutual respect, not allowing any form of harassment or discrimination.

4. Organizational Culture

  • Under the concepts based on the “Ajinomoto Group Way”, we aim for a workplace culture where employees are more motivated and productivity improves.

  • We value teamwork for the sustainable growth of the Ajinomoto Group.

  • We will create a corporate culture that makes each employee feel their own presence, and have willingness to improve themselves and make efforts to produce results.

  • We are committed to contributing to the continued development of the Ajinomoto Group, encouraging our employees not to be afraid to take risks and exercise their creativity and frontier spirit.

5. Human resource development

  • The Ajinomoto Group companies encourage all their employees to continue to upgrade their knowledge and skills to contribute to society, and offer them fair opportunities for HR development and for exercising their capabilities.

  • Employees are responsible for making use of such opportunities to develop their professional capabilities.

  • We respect personality, individuality, and diversity, and support continued development of employees who set high goals and take challenges.

  • Line managers and employees work together to ensure that challenging objectives are set and achieved.

  • In order to continue to attract employees, we are committed to ensuring that employees’ individual abilities, responsibilities and results are fairly evaluated and properly rewarded.

  • At each company of the Ajinomoto Group, we evaluate employees’ qualities, abilities, and motivation based on their performance and actions, and judge their suitability for promotion.

6. Employees and company stakeholders

  • The Ajinomoto Group management and employees are expected to carry out their jobs, mutually recognizing the importance of establishing positive relationships based on respect for one another.

  • The Company and employee representatives are expected to build relationships based on mutual trust to contribute to the prosperity of society through the development of each individual and the sustainable growth of the company.