Group Shared Policy on Product Accessibility

Ajinomoto Group
Established on : March 1, 2018

To contribute to the food and wellness and to better lives for the future of everyone around the world, we are dedicated to providing occasions for nutritious meals through products with an affordable price and in appropriate styles that meet consumer needs in each country.
Fulfilling this commitment involves not only modifying existing products and packaging, but also developing a deep understanding of the needs of target consumers in different countries, and delivering solutions to meet specific circumstances of each country.
To achieve the above commitment, we ensure to:

  1. Make our utmost efforts as a company to support everyone around the world in improving their daily diet through our products.

  2. Rigorously explore and understand consumer needs in each country and deliver solutions to meet each unique circumstance.

  3. Provide occasions for a nutritious meal and utmost deliciousness without making any compromise in quality and safety.

  4. Develop value-for-money products which can be used sustainably.

  5. Establish a solid foundation for the delivery of products to create financial value which allows us to continuously offer products of high quality.