FY2021 ASV Awards Grand Prize

The fiscal 2021 ASV Awards Grand Prize was awarded to the Smart Salt project for “delicious salt reduction” using umami and dashi broth and for addressing the global health issue of excess dietary sodium intake. The initiative was chosen from a field of 33 praiseworthy entrants.

The Smart Salt initiative includes conducting online advertising aimed at specific customer clusters, developing tasty, reduced-salt products, educating employees, and constructing ecosystems with local governments, distributors, and academia. Know-how accumulated in Japan is being shared with Group companies overseas with the aims of increasing the number of people following low-salt diets and increasing Group sales of low-salt products. Sales of low-salt products have grown markedly compared to two years before the initiative’s launch, and the number of consumers following low-salt diets (purchasing low-salt products) has grown by 1.54 million in Japan, including 570,000 younger consumers, who generally have little awareness of food sodium content.