Group Shared Policy on Animal Welfare

Ajinomoto Group
Revised on : April 1, 2021

The Ajinomoto Group is involved with animals in many ways including use of a variety of animal-derived raw materials such as eggs, meats and extracts. We believe that improving animal welfare is a social issue that we should address. We will work to improve the welfare of all animals for throughout our business.

We believe that there is an important link between animal welfare and animal health. Livestock husbandry management that takes into consideration the internationally recognized basic principles of animal welfare, known as the Five Freedoms, impacts the quality and safety of food products.

  1. Freedom from hunger, thirst and malnutrition

  2. Freedom from fear and distress

  3. Freedom from physical and thermal discomfort

  4. Freedom from pain, injury and disease

  5. Freedom to develop normal behavioral patterns

As a global company that contributes to solving issues related to food and health, the Ajinomoto Group recognizes the circumstances and challenges of animal welfare differ from region to region and business to business around the world. We aim to realize a better society in harmony with animals by promoting the following initiatives:

  • Consideration of animal welfare in the procurement process for raw materials

  • Dialogue and collaboration with various supply chain partners and stakeholders involved in livestock production

  • Development of technologies for effective utilization and substitution of animal-derived raw materials

  • Communication with consumers on animal welfare

  • Disclosure of information on the Ajinomoto Group’s ongoing efforts to improve animal welfare throughout our supply chain

For more information on the Ajinomoto Group’s commitment on animal testing, please refer to "Commitment to Minimizing Animal Testing".