Group Shared Policy on Procurement

Ajinomoto Group
Established on : May 31, 2006
Revised on : November 11, 2013
Revised on : March 1, 2018

In order to ensure fair, open, transparent and simple purchasing and to secure the trust of customers and stakeholders, we shall, together with suppliers and contractors as business partners, perform our purchasing operations rationally, in compliance with laws and regulations, and fulfill agreements

1. Compliance, Purchasing Ethics

  • We shall act with good judgment, complying with the purchasing-related laws and regulations of all countries concerned, as well as Ajinomoto Group Policies and other related standards.

  • We shall fulfill our agreements with suppliers and contractors in good faith when purchasing.

  • We understand the significance of information we obtain through purchasing and shall endeavor to keep such information confidential.

  • We shall perform purchasing using fair, open, transparent and simple procedures.

2. Purchasing Principles

  • Transaction prices shall be fair and economically reasonable.

  • Suppliers and contractors shall be selected based on the comprehensive evaluation of price, quality, delivery timing, technology, safety and historical performance. In the case that one is not selected, upon request, we shall explain the reasons why.

  • Purchasing shall, in principle, be based on comparison of a number of estimates(bids, etc.)

  • We shall in principle be open to new partner candidates. Candidates that meet selection standards shall be given the opportunity to go through a proper evaluation.

  • We shall promote cost reduction in cooperation with suppliers and contractors in accordance with pre-determined assessment and awarding rules.

3. The Practice of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Purchasing

  • Purchasing of raw materials shall be in conformity with laws and regulations related to the quality and safety assurance of products, Group Shared Policy on Quality, and all other related standards.

  • We confirm that the materials we purchase directly are well-cared for global environment conservation and are free of any connection to the violation of human rights, including child labor and forced labor, during either production or distribution.

4. Requests to Suppliers and Contractors

  • We request suppliers and contractors to understand Group Shared Policy on Procurement and Group Shared Policy for Suppliers and cooperate as business partners of the supply chain.

  • We request suppliers and contractors to promote a range of proposals, including streamlining based on economic rationality.

  • We clearly state our expectations in such areas as compliance, human rights, labor and safety, the environment, quality and safety, and we request suppliers and contractors to cooperate with us in implementing proper CSR.