Group Shared Policy for Suppliers

Ajinomoto Group
Established on : March 1, 2018

To improve customer satisfaction and respond to stakeholders’ expectations, we believe it is essential for our suppliers who supply raw materials and services in procurement transactions to understand the Ajinomoto Group’s way of thinking and for the entire supply chain to put effort into CSR in cooperation with each other.
For that reason, we have established the Group Shared Policy for Suppliers and put the matters expected of our suppliers from the perspective of CSR into writing, comprising the following seven items. The scope of application of the policy is all employees (including regular employees, temporary employees, contracted employees, and franchised dealers) of Ajinomoto Group companies, as well as suppliers, including affiliated companies and groups. We would like suppliers to understand the purpose of this policy and actively put efforts into its implementation, including within your suppliers and contractors (their employees, dealers, and upstream suppliers), which constitute your supply chain.

1. Compliance with Statutory and Regulatory Requirements, as well as Accepted Social Norms; Establishment of Appropriate Structures and Systems

We will comply with the statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as the accepted social norms of those countries and regions in which we operate, and put in place a compliance structure that is capable of addressing such issues as the prevention of violation of law and inappropriate behavior by our company or our employees, as well as a response mechanism that can quickly handle problems as they occur.

2. Respect for Human Rights

We will respect the human rights of all employees, treat employees with dignity, and provide a safe and comfortable work environment without forced labor and child labor.

3. Occupational Health and Safety with Respect to Labor

We will take all necessary steps to prevent accidents and disasters by maintaining and enhancing the occupational health and safety of employees and all parties engaged in a working capacity.

4. Ensuring Product and Service Quality and Safety

We will take all necessary steps to ensure that our products and services meet all the safety standards prescribed under the laws and regulations of each country; at the same time, we will adhere strictly to a policy of quality assurance. Moreover, we will put in place appropriate business continuity plans to ensure the prompt resumption of mainstay activities in the event of unforeseen circumstances, thereby ensuring stable supply.

5. Taking into Consideration the Global Environment

We will minimize any detrimental impact on natural environment and ecosystem when manufacturing products by fully taking into consideration the environment. At the same time, we will ensure the health and safety of all individuals. Recognizing the importance of sustainable environmental conservation, we will take all due care throughout our business processes in order to contribute to biodiversity, resource circulation, and environmental conservation while minimizing emission of greenhouse gases.

6. Information Security

We will implement all necessary measures to protect computer systems and networks, put in place appropriate controls to prevent damage to ourselves and other companies, and properly manage and protect personal information pertaining to customers, third parties, and employees, as well as all confidential information in our possession.

7. Contributing to Society and Coexistence with the Local Community

We will voluntarily engage in activities that contribute to the growth and development of the international and local communities.