Since our founding, the Ajinomoto Group has developed businesses around the world committed to sharing our aspiration to “Eat Well, Live Well.”

In accordance with the Group Shared Policy on Human Resources, we strive to provide a workplace environment that helps employees maintain and improve their mental and physical health, so that through our businesses we can maximize our contribution to food, health, and a better life tomorrow.

Health Management Initiatives

In the belief that our employees’ health and well-being is key to their motivation and personal growth, the Ajinomoto Group strives to offer a workplace environment that enables employees to maintain and improve their mental and physical health. We aim to foster a “culture of health” that supports the health and well-being of employees while encouraging a high level of health knowledge and an awareness of the need for self-care. This is our vision of health management.

  1. Promote employee health and well-being through self-care
    The Ajinomoto Group will support self-care and implement employee health policies consistent with its values.

  2. Promote employee health policies consistent with local circumstances and conditions
    Each Group company will assign a dedicated person to implement employee health policies consistent with circumstances and conditions in the country where they operate.

External Assessment

The Ajinomoto Group is highly rated in the Access to Nutrition Foundation’s global rankings of corporate health and nutrition initiatives.

Diversity & Inclusion

The Group recognizes the importance of inclusion that respects the diverse experiences and specialization of its workforce irrespective of such concepts as gender, age, and nationality, and that embraces and utilizes diverse viewpoints. Such inclusion fosters a corporate culture that accelerates innovation, achieves value co-creation, and encourages self-led action. Therefore, we are currently focusing on cross-sectional human resource exchange between business divisions with different specialties. Until now, we have assigned employees with R&D experience to business departments to enhance our ability to produce business concepts and assigned employees from the AminoScience Division to the Food Products Division to combine novel technologies and know-how. In fiscal 2022, to further accelerate the integration of the food products and AminoScience businesses, we will reflect cross-sectional approaches in mechanisms and measures for recruitment, assignment, development, and at the same time, utilize our HR information system to quantitatively measure the progress of our initiatives. Additionally, in Japan we continue to support the careers development of women. Through AjiPanna Academy, a mechanism for development of female human resources launched in fiscal 2020, we have held career workshops, college, and mentor program for a total of 292 female employees to date. We will continue to expand our pipeline of leadership talent and key decision makers.

Percentage of female directors and line managers
(Ajinomoto Co., Inc.)

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For more on the Ajinomoto Group’s corporate culture, please refer to Ajinomoto Group Policies, section 5, “Approach to Human Rights,” and section 6, “Human Resources Training and Ensuring Safety”: