Group Shared Policy on Accounting

Ajinomoto Group
Established on : April 22, 2019


Based on the Ajinomoto Group Policies (“AGP”), Ajinomoto Group shall be committed to comply with the laws and their related regulations in all countries in which it operates. Our financial reports and information to be provided to shareholders, regulators and other stakeholders must be accurate, complete and timely. In order to accomplish that, guidelines, such as inventory guideline and standard of operating procedures must be in place. Based on these principles, Ajinomoto Group established Group Shared Policy on Accounting.

Relevant directors, all officers and all employees belonging to accounting, finance and taxation function must:


  • Comprehend and comply with all applicable laws and regulations applicable to their reporting function, including for group reporting and local statutory reporting.

  • Read and understand AGAP-I (Ajinomoto Group Accounting Policies based on IFRS) and report financial information to Ajinomoto Co., Inc. in a timely manner in accordance with group reporting instructions and timetables.

  • Cooperate fully and honestly with external and internal auditors, including providing full access to all information necessary for them to properly conduct audits.


  • Record all balances and transactions accurately, completely and promptly in the proper accounting period and proper account; books and records must be based on valid evidences, represent the facts, and not be falsified to distort the true nature of a balance or transaction.

  • In relation to the income statement, record all transactions in the proper accounting period; this means that revenue or expenses should not be brought forward to an earlier period or delayed to a later period, in order to increase or decrease profits in a certain period.

  • In relation to the balance sheet, record all assets and liabilities at their appropriate amounts; this means that assets and liabilities should not be overstated or understated; any estimates used in measuring the assets and liabilities should be based on appropriate judgment taking into account all facts and circumstances, be neutral in nature, and be supported by proper documentation.

  • Ensure that journal entries and financial statements are reviewed by the manager or above in charge of accounting area of Ajinomoto Co., Inc. and Ajinomoto Co., Inc.’s consolidated entities.


  • Ensure the proper use, protection and conservation of the group’s assets and resources, including properties, inventories, financial data, and other rights.

  • Not improperly disclose, transmit, upload or download confidential company information; this includes the trading of the group’s stocks or bonds based on information that is not publicly available.

  • Ensure that all company expenditures are for business purposes, and are approved in accordance with its authorization regulation as appropriate.