Group Shared Policy on Whistle-blowing

Ajinomoto Group
Established on : July 1, 2018

In order to ensure compliance based management, Ajinomoto Group companies establish a framework for whistle-blowing and strive to prevent illegal or inappropriate conduct and to quickly discover and rectify any such conduct.
Ajinomoto Group companies designate a specific department to operate the whistle-blowing system of each company.
The department is responsible for administering the system and establishes hotlines, develops reporting channels such as telephone, e-mail, fax, written documentation and in-person consultation, and informs employees about this system.

  1. We speak up if we become aware of inappropriate conduct or violation of laws and regulations in the workplace.

  2. We consult with appropriate superiors or report to or consult with hotlines designated at each company concerning facts that are problems or are believed to be problems in light of laws and regulations or the AGP.

  3. We do not misuse the whistle-blowing system for the purpose of damaging public interest or a third party’s legitimate interests.

  4. We secure the personal information of and protect the privacy of any person making a report or consultation.

  5. We ensure that such reporting is not used to the detriment of the person making the report.

  6. We take care to protect honor and privacy of not only the person making the report, but all persons who take part in the resulting investigation.

  7. When the investigation reveals improper conduct, we promptly take corrective and preventive measures to preclude the behavior from recurring.

  8. We make efforts to notify without delay the person making the report when corrective and preventive measures are taken to preclude the behavior from recurring.