Group Shared Policy on Governance

Ajinomoto Group
Established on : March 1, 2018

We will work to enhance management quality following each principle of Japan’s Corporate Governance Code and work to strengthen governance to set the stage for becoming a “Genuine Global Specialty Company” by establishing a basic policy on governance where “Delegated Front” work under the authority and accountability, and core functions, of “Governing HQ”.

  1. Governance required of a “Genuine Global Specialty Company” will be systematically defined for each function and operation in shared Group-wide philosophy and operating procedures, and efforts will be made to thoroughly comply with this.

  2. Our functions will be divided into “Governing HQ” and “Delegated Front”, respectively, and governance will be strengthened throughout the Group by clarifying the roles and responsibilities of each. This will enhance the agility and efficiency of the frontlines, accelerating growth in the process.

  3. “Governing HQ” and “Delegated Front” will be responsible for supervising the management of companies under their supervision pursuant to this policy. Material matters concerning affiliated companies will be determined as necessary by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of Ajinomoto Co., Inc. as “Governing HQ”.

  4. Continual efforts will be made to further evolve “Governing HQ” and “Delegated Front” to refine strategic corporate functions covering global strategy planning and supervision and to optimize cross-functional support functions for the Group.