Group Shared Policy on Risk Management

Ajinomoto Group
Established on : September 7, 2015

1. Objective of Risk Management for Ajinomoto Group

By promoting strategic risk management, we make the Ajinomoto Group resilient to risks, and increase the group values.

2. Ajinomoto Group Risk Management Action Guide

We recognize risk management as an important instrument for internal control, which is a part of management responsibilities. In conjunction with group management strategies and individual business strategies, Ajinomoto Group takes necessary actions:

  1. To implement risk process following the self-governing PDCA cycle with close stakeholder communications, and;

  2. To enhance response capabilities against significant risks.

3. Ajinomoto Group Risk Management Code of Practice

  1. We, even at ordinary times, make every effort to make adequate preparations of both hardware and software in order to obviate crises.

  2. Once a crisis happens, we respond to the crisis promptly and take any necessary actions to minimize the damage.

  3. In the case of emergency, we prioritize our objectives, 1) human safety comes first, followed by 2) society and 3) business.