Group Shared Policy on Political Activities and Political Contributions

Ajinomoto Group
Established on : July 1, 2018

1. Purpose

This policy is established to make clear the stance of the Ajinomoto Group towards political activities and political contributions.

2. Political Activities of Employees

Our personal political activities must be clearly distinguished from activities of Ajinomoto Group.We will not use our worktime and any Ajinomoto Group’s funds and resources for our personal political activities and personal political contributions. We will not use our positions with Ajinomoto Group to coerce or pressure other employees to make contributions or to support or oppose any political activities.

3. Political Contributions

Political contributions can be made only after obtaining approval in accordance with company regulations, and in strict compliance with the applicable laws. To ensure compliance with the applicable laws, the person seeking approval shall first consult the legal function within the company.

4. Contacts with Government Representatives, etc.

On political issues that involve the government (including local government), we will promptly consult the legal function of the company, the Division in charge of the company, and the related Division of Global Headquarters.
We will be honest and accurate in all communication with the government (including local government).Only executives and managers selected by executives of each company can express views of the Ajinomoto Group on political issues.