6. Customer Feedback

Improvement of products and services based on customer feedback

Based on the Standard for Handling of “Voice of Customer” and the Standards for Reflecting “Voice of Customers” of the Ajinomoto System of Quality Assurance (ASQUA), feedback received from customers is applied to the improvement and development of products and services that appeal to our customers.
To improve customer satisfaction, both Japanese Group companies and overseas affiliates have established customer service departments specific to the characteristics and product lineups of each region.

Framework for incorporating the voice of customer (VOC) into product manufacturing

Ajinomoto Co., Inc. examples

Examples of applying customer feedback towards making product improvements

Ajinomoto Co., Ltd. Japanese flavor seasoning HON-DASHI®
We received customer feedback indicating that after purchasing the boxed HON-DASHI® product, there is no way to know the expiration date of the product once they throw away the exterior packaging. We responded by printing the expiration date directly on the bottom of the interior bag so that customers can always check the expiration date.

Ajinomoto AGF, Inc.
We rounded off the edges of the stick package to create a design that is gentle on the hands.

Wan Thai Foods Industry Co., Ltd.
Yum Yum® Cup TemTem instant noodles.
Customer feedback suggested that the product lid was hard to open. By using an easy seal lid (easy peel*1 lid), the company was able to maintain product quality while creating a package that was easier to open.

* Easily open, also referred to as easy peel open. A type of packaging seal that can be opened easily by hand.