5. Sales

Information transmission to ensure consumers can purchase products with peace of mind

To ensure consumers can use its products with peace of mind , the Ajinomoto Group shares helpful information on household products for general consumers not only on its packaging but also on its websites and in supermarkets.

Providing quality information on product packaging

In addition to product labeling that is required by law in each country, Ajinomoto Group strives to indicate information that is helpful for customers when purchasing and using our products.

HON-DASHI® (Japan)

Crispy Fry® (Philippine)

SERI-AJI® (Malaysia)

  • Directions for use

  • Arrange menus

  • Method of storage

  • Packaging materials

  • Customer service contact

  • Explanations of raw materials that may be unfamiliar etc.

Providing quality information at supermarkets

To ensure customers understanding quality and value of Ajinomoto Group products and purchasing, we introduce product properties and cooking instructions through activities of providing leaflets and demonstrating sales at stores and so on.

HON-DASHI® displayed near the fresh vegetable section to menu promote linked sales as suggestion of the way to use product.

SATIS!™ (Brazil), an easy way to make the popular milanesa. Through storefront sales, we provide customers with product instructions and value

Providing quality information on websites

Ajinomoto Group shares various information related to quality in pages such as Product Information and FAQs.

Ajinomoto Co., Inc. (Japanese only)

Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd.