4. Logistics

The anchor to deliver the highest quality products to customers

The Ajinomoto Group, in accordance with the Standard for Preservation and Transportation of Products and the Standard for Warehouse Management (Japan only) of the Ajinomoto System of Quality Assurance (ASQUA), has carried out thorough quality control of freshness, temperature, humidity and so on in storage and transportation of products in shipping from the manufacturing plant to delivery to our customers.

In Japan, the Ajinomoto Group collaborates with business partners specialized in the fields of order management, storage, and shipment to improve our logistics quality. Logistics quality entails aspects such as order information accuracy, storage and shipment accuracy, and product packaging quality. As we provide a service that directly delivers products to customers, this also includes driver working clothes and manners.
Overseas, we consider logistics situation from around the world and have formed partnerships with local logistics providers in each country and have begun providing the support necessary to achieve the logistics quality systems and know-how cultivated in Japan.

Examples of delivery vehicles

Delivery trucks in Japan

Delivery trucks in Malaysia

Delivery trucks in Vietnam

Delivery motorbikes in Vietnam