Nutrition Organization Affiliations and Partners

Nutrition Organization Affiliations and Partners

The Ajinomoto Group is pleased to be affiliated with leading organizations that are advancing nutritional science and improving human health. In partnership, we are contributing to global public health goals.

As part of our commitment to advancing the field of nutritional science, the Ajinomoto Group is pleased to support two awards with the American Society for Nutrition Foundation (ASNF), including the Vernon Young International Award for Amino Acid Research and the Ajinomoto Young Investigator Pilot Grant.

The Ajinomoto Group was ranked 14th in the Global Access to Nutrition Index 2018 published by the Access to Nutrition Initiative (ATNI).

The Ajinomoto Group is a Manufacturer Board Member of The Consumer Goods Forum, an organization that brings together global retailers and consumer goods manufacturers to collaborate, secure consumer trust and drive positive change. The Ajinomoto Group was also a joint representative for the Collaboration for Healthier Lives Japan, a coalition whose mission is to promote healthier lifestyle habits to extend life expectancy.