Contribution to a circular economy


Products and services of the Ajinomoto Group are created using a variety of resources. We have a duty to use the Earth’s limited resources efficiently, and contribute to the creation of a sustainable recycling-oriented society.
We will continue to engage in the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) for waste as well as to actively working to find solutions to the problems of ocean plastic waste, a growing concern in recent years.

Specific examples

  • Waste reduction and 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
  • Product packaging
  • Waste and hazardous materials management
  • Reduction of environmental impact from containers and packaging
  • Lifecycle impact of products and services

Related opportunities and risks (Opportunity Risk)

  • Gaining market share through the development of environmentally conscious materials
  • Damaged corporate value due to delays in waste reduction or recycling efforts
  • Loss of business opportunities due to delays in complying with plastic waste regulations, etc.

Key initiatives by the Ajinomoto Group

  • Supplying highly biodegradable amino acid-based detergent
  • Reduce plastic usage and convert to mono-material packaging materials
  • Contribute to social implementation of recycling in countries and regions where we do business
  • Appeals on packaging labels to reduce plastic waste

Related SDGs

  • goal_14
  • goal_15
  • goal_17
  • Plastic waste

Activity Report

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