Preparation for intense global competition


The Ajinomoto Group aims to Speed Up x Scale Up its business to restore its strong growth potential. Given this perspective, we strive to transform our business models and Group-wide operations through a focus on digital transformation (DX). We are also reforming the mechanisms behind our innovation, backcasting from the future we wish to achieve, creating new growth models while collaborating actively with entities outside the Group. Through these initiatives, we will quickly and accurately grasp external conditions and continue to fulfill the expectations of society, even ten years from now.

Specific examples

  • Business selection and focusing
  • Early creation of innovation
  • Open innovation
  • Enhancement of basic infrastructure

Related opportunities and risks (Opportunity Risk)

  • Business foundation reform through digital disruption
  • Value creation from external collaboration
  • Specialty creation through technological innovation
  • Establishment of competitive advantage by forecasting future changes
  • Opportunity loss and loss of competitive ability due to neglect of IT investment
  • Emergence of multiple competitors due to an inability to erect strong barriers to entry

Key initiatives by the Ajinomoto Group

  • Stronger collaboration between food and AminoScience divisions
  • Evolving supply chain management (digitization, establish ecosystem, etc.)
  • Promoting digital transformation
  • Establishing solutions-oriented R&D structure
  • Competitive intelligence (medium- to long-term initiatives)
  • Promoting open & linked innovation
  • Reviewing global production system, logistics system, and employment system

Activity Report

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