Message from the President and CEO

Dear Stakeholders

As of April 1, I took over the baton from Nishii and became President & CEO. I will do my best with all my heart and soul. I believe that my role is to firmly inherit our "purpose" and “passion” to solve food and health issues by carrying on ASV management. I am committed to further refine, improve, and accelerate these initiatives to achieve sustainable growth for the Ajinomoto Group. While making the most of the amino acid technologies and knowledge the Ajinomoto Group has accumulated since our founding, we aim to realize “help extend the healthy life expectancy of one billion people,” and “reduce our environmental impact by 50%” by 2030, by providing solutions for food and health issues, which are increasingly important. Looking further ahead in the future, we will accelerate our innovation to create new business models that are unique to our company and promote sustainability beyond 2030.

I am committed to lead the Ajinomoto Group to grow sustainably as a company that brings “essence of happiness” to consumers and all stakeholders around the world.

Taro Fujie

Representative Executive Officer,
President & Chief Executive Officer